- Rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor.

- Single "Wake Up" (feat. Adrian Marcel) debuted at #10 on iTunes R&B Charts, peaked at #8, broke #120 overall on iTunes charts

- Top 50 vines in world with 2.2 million followers watching 

- Featured on PopCrush.com: http://popcrush.com/slaptop-sunrise-ronnie-banks

- Appeared on Season 9, EP 8, ("The Return") of CBS hit TV series "Criminal Minds" in 2013

- Performed at Scream Jam in San Francisco on June 27th, 2014 alongside Derek Kind

- Growing fan base calling themselves "BANKERS" 5.0 million strong



It is amazing what the power of social media can do. Social media has paved the way and created an outlet for talent to showcase content and gives the ability to engage viewers in a remarkable way. With his already massive fan base solidified his mark in the world as a rising talent and personality.


Despite being young, his impression through social media has taken the internet and his craft to new heights. Starting his Youtube at the age of 12, Ronnie has transformed himself into his own brand. From Starting a Vine account with his first post captioned "first vine" to now being in "Top 50 Vines" with a growing 2.2 million followers.


His fans known as the "Bankers" have fallen in love with Ronnie by making them laugh his way into their hearts. Bankers are so engaged in Ronnie's day-to-day life that his all around social media fan base has grown to over 4 million strong. From appearing on CBS's hit show, "Criminal Minds", to releasing his first single "Wake Up" featuring "2 AM" singer Adrian Marcel smashing through the iTunes charts as #8 the first day; there is no doubt that Ronnie is making his way to stardom.


To be 19 years old and having his identity born through social media; this actor, rapper, singer and songwriter is only just beginning to make his mark. With each move Banks makes, there is no doubt that he is becoming a force to reckon with in this industry.