About ME

Life is about vision. remembering the things you've done in the past. wondering what will happen in the future & living in the present. I've done many things in life, many i can't remember and most i think about too much. But every situation I've been in, is what created me. from a young kid trying to make videos online in just because he hoped there'd be a chance his mother he hadn't seen in years would miraculously see. to an international role model in the urban culture. i was 13 when i posted my first video online. I received an anonymous message and it was from a girl who had been a huge supporter of mine and i remembered seeing her at many of greetings. and she wrote that she was going thru a rough time at home, school basically anywhere. and she told me she didn't want to be here anymore. on this earth.  and how she should end it all. and at that moment i had to sit back  from my chair and really think. because at that time of my life i had nothing. my parents divorced, i had only hammy down clothing, and i spent most days playing  outside or trying to find ways to sell things at school to make money. at time i thought i didn't want to be here. so i sat forward, pulled my keyboard closer. and responded my most sincere help i could give to her. and she told me she watches my videos the second i post them. so i promised her id continue making videos if she promised to always watch them. and she responded her message back to me and at the very end of it she told me "I WILL."